Saturday, 18 January 2014

Watching the wildlife watcher!

A few months ago I was contacted by the leader of the Wildlife Trust,Wildlife Watch group at the National Memorial Arboretum asking if I would come and do a talk this year about my wildlife experiences and local observations. Over the past few weeks I put a PowerPoint and some of my best footage together to show. Throughout the talk I spoke about the wildlife at some local places, the wildlife in my garden, different things which I've managed to record on my trail camera and much more. My audience were particularly interested in some of my badger footage! The group which I did the talk for were a great bunch and have been going for about 10 years! You can find more about them here -

I really enjoyed doing the talk; even though at first I was a bit nervous but I'm looking forward to doing more!

Here are some photos which were taken of me whilst doing the talk.


  1. You certainly had a captive audience, well done.

  2. I bet your talk was really interesting and everyone would have enjoyed your brilliant footage. From Findlay