Sunday, 3 November 2013

A visit to Kate MacRae's patch.

After last weeks Autumnwatch excitement, I was invited by Kate MacRae (WildlifeKate) to her patch to get some photos of ourselves to go into our local newspaper. Not only did we get some photos but she also showed me around her patch where I saw some of the cameras and bird feeders she has out, which was brilliant! It was all very interesting and you can check out some of her stuff out on her website which is
Here are some of the photographs we took.

 Myself and Kate.
 The view out of her hub.
 The famous Prickly Diner!
Kate and myself in her hub.


  1. That must have been an interesting afternoon.

  2. I bet you can't wait to go again, Georgia.

  3. Awesome Post Georgia many thanks for sharing glad you had a nice time

  4. The feeders look great - its much harder to get birds to feed from feeder here in Australia than it was in the UK - too many birds feed on nectar!

    Nice post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne