Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hopwas woods.

On Monday I went on a walk to a local woods, Hopwas woods and I took my camera again. I was particularly looking for some more fungi but I also spotted some more interesting things. One of which was some strange boxes hanging from the trees. At first I had no idea but I put a picture on my twitter and people quickly identified them as boxes to record dormice! I got very excited as dormice are very cute but timid and difficult to see. I hope you enjoy this post.

Jew's ear fungus.

Birch Woodwart

Daldinia Concentrica.

These were the boxes to record any dormice. They walk into the box and there foot prints
will mark the clay inside.
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This is a photo of a dormouse about to be weighed. As you can see
they are very cute and it would be very exciting if there was dormice
This photo was taken by Jessica Evans.

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